Grey Fox Studio – Studio B features:

-Tascam M-700 40 channel console with moving-fader automation

-Genelec 1038 main monitors

-Genelec 1031a nearfield monitors

-40 tracks fo Digital recording on Tascam DA-78's

-Hewlett Packard PC running Steinberg NUENDO 2 and Reason

-Apple G-4 computer running MOTU Digital Performer 3

-MOTU 2408 Digital Interface

-MOTU 2408 mkII Digital Interface

-Focusrite Red 2 parametric equalizer

-Lexicon PCM-80 effects unit

-Eventide DSP-4000 Ultra Harmonizer
effects unit

-Avalon M2 MK II preamp

-Tascam ATR-80 24 track 2" analog multitrack recorder

-T.C. Electronics M-2000 effects unit

-T.C. Electronics 2290 effects unit

-Yamaha SPX-990 effects unit

-Drawmer DL-251 compressors

-dbx 160A compressors

-BSS DPP-402 compressor

-Drawmer DS-301 gate

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