The Zebra Room – Studio A features:

-Amek Rembrandt 80-input console with Supertrue automation and total recall

-Westlake Audio HR-1 4-way main monitor system powered by Crown Studio Reference Amps

-Genelec 1031a nearfield monitors

-32 tracks of Digital recording on Tascam DA-88's

-Apple G-5 running Pro Tools 7.1

-Digidesign 192 Interface

-MOTU Midi Timepiece

-Avalon AD-2022 preamp

-Avalon AD-2055 Parametric Equalizer

-Lexicon PCM-80 effects unit

-T.C. Electronics M-3000 effects unit

-Avalon AD-2044 opto-compressor

-dbx 160A compressors

-Glyph BT key Hard Discs

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